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ANS exam 2 - Exam 2 How to improve the world food...

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Exam 2 How to improve the world food situation: Curb population growth educate countries about contraceptives, family planning, child limitations, celibacy, abstinence. Increase farm prices and profits put a lot of producers out of business Cultivate more land heavily wooded, could be used to produce more agriculture commodities for crops. Deforest= less land= less wood products Increase yields make it produce more (land and animals) Improve pastures and ranges provides more forage more yield because they eat more Feed more roughage and less grain Produce leaner animals give leaner meats (gets fat out of them) by genetic selection because a lot of animals put on more fat than meat. Marbilean- fat in- between muscle fibers Decrease # of animals use land for something else, grow more crops. Develop more efficient animals feed= 65-80% cost of animals is feeding them. Feed a pig so it becomes a hog Control disease and parasites effects feed efficiency o Improve and increase protein source o Tap sea for more food a lot of aquaculture o Increase fish culture o Conserve energy o Control pollution also affects animals o Establish grain reserves o Waste not-want not o Increase exchange between countries o Increase research, education, and extension * Gestation period for cattle is 9 months 1 calf a year. Over a lifetime produce (between 2 and 10 yrs. old) 8 calves. Start breeding when 2 or 3 years old potentially she could drop thousands (2500). Have a mechanism to try to get the most from her, use a surrogate mother. Don’t allow dairy calves to nurse from their mothers (orphan calves) they are weaned at birth (bottle fed bucket fed). Klosterom, very 1 st milk that comes from female after they give birth, 3-7 days, is very important for calves before they can get any milk from mother have to be bred. Giving birth jumpstarts lactation period. (Only in dairy cattle) Chapter 2 The birth of animal science -First domesticated animals -Stop hunting animals and having to move -Staying in one place and confine those animals to smaller spaces -Dog 1 st animal domesticated. Needed something to alert the humans
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Functions of animals -Source of food -Protection -Recreational purposes -Clothing - Power (source of transportation, machinery) -Convert inedible feeds into valuable products cow eats grass, we eat the beef. ( Whey- milks that foes bad and used as feed) - Diversification use animals as another source of potential income -By- products from animal’s blood has adhesives qualities, medicinal products from animals: insulin (pancreas). Gelatin, hair for tooth brushes, hide-leather.
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