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WUE BIO3015L report - Megan Earney BOT3015L-1 Erik...

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Megan Earney BOT3015L-1 Erik Peterson November 1, 2011 Water- Use Efficiency of Terrestrial plants with Different levels in CO2 Concentrations. Introduction The purpose of this experiment is to test the opening and closing of stomata when different levels of Carbon Dioxide, CO2, concentrations are present. It is important to understand what the stomata are and what they do for the plant. Stoma is a pore on the underside of a leaf surrounded by guard cells (Biology-online, 2008). The guard cells are comprised of parenchyma, which is ground tissue (McNeil, 2007). These guard cells allow the stoma to open and close, therefore regulate how much water the plant will lose and how much CO2 it will take in (McNeil, 2007). This experiment is to understand the role of the guard cells when there are various levels of CO2 so that we can apply the results to farmers who are looking for a way to use as less water as possible (McNeil, 2007). For this experiment, Vicia faba L. was used to determine the responses of the guard cells under three conditions of various CO2 levels. Our hypothesis for this experiment (H1)
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WUE BIO3015L report - Megan Earney BOT3015L-1 Erik...

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