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SPC2608 critique - Megan Earney SPC2608-31 Mike Chouinard...

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Megan Earney 10/18/2011 SPC2608-31 Mike Chouinard Formal Critique of Assigned Speech Many occasions have different reasons for a speech to be given they can be for acceptances of an award or to advocate something. Barbara Jordan spoke at the 1976 Democratic national convention in New York City. Barbara was the first southern black woman elected into the U.S. House of Representatives and the first African American to give a keynote address and again in 1992 (Women of CBC). This address, among many others can be analyzed for further understanding. 1976, was the year that Jimmy Carter, a democrat from Georgia was running against the republican Gerald Ford (Leip). Barbara was asked to speak at the 1976 Democratic National Convention in New York, a very formal occasion and an honor for Barbara to speak. The audience was filled with some Democratic Party members and other devoted listeners. The audience sat mostly in silence but when a strong point of the speech was spoken they cheered and applauded. The speech is considered a special occasion speech and the speaker, Barbara, spoke extemporaneously. Throughout the entire speech, you could see when she looked down at her notes but she mostly had eye contact with the audience. She spoke both informatively and persuasively. She was informing the audience of the needs of the nation but to persuade them to jump on board and take action with the Democratic Party. At this point the democratic presidential candidate had enough votes to win the election, but still wanted the support of the people (Freeman). The expectations
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SPC2608 critique - Megan Earney SPC2608-31 Mike Chouinard...

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