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Case Questions F. What major issues led to the deterioration of the JV between Delta and Terralumen? Are there other common reasons why joint ventures dissolve? G. What were Delta’s specific demands for revision of the JV contract with Terralumen? H .Using assumptions and data regarding capital requirements, store start-up time, and staffing in Costas’ & Alvarez’s 1998 growth plan (Exh 2), evaluate Delta’s
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Unformatted text preview: consultants’ growth plan in May ’99 for Blue Ridge (Exh 3). I .What caused Delta and Terralumen to differ over growth projections for Blue Ridge? J. The main players in this drama were: Yannis Costas (Greek), Mikael Sodergran (Finland), Geoff Dryden (US), and Andres Balaguer (Spanish). How did their behavior reflect their national culture?...
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