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Application of the Theories of Learning

Application of the Theories of Learning - success We urge...

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Application of the Theories of Learning The purpose of our presentation is for GW students to have the mindset of achievement in whatever personal goals they may have for themselves. These may be grades, jobs, scholarships, internships, etc. Whatever their goals may be, we want them to realize their potential make an action and make those goals achievements. Operant conditioning worked as the foundation of our presentation. Operant conditioning is a method of learning in which the consequences of behavior lead to changes in the probability of its occurrence; emphasis on the association between a response and the resulting consequence. A type of operant conditioning is shaping. Shaping is a strategy of positively reinforcing behaviors that are successively more similar to desired behaviors. The students need to have a certain behavior (attitude) that will guarantee their
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Unformatted text preview: success. We urge them to create a list of steps that they will take to reach their desired goal. As each student accomplishes one step at a time, they are gradually developing a behavior (or attitude) that will enable them to reach that goal of success. This list of steps works as the shaping device; the only difference is that it does not need a scientist controlling it from the “outside”. As a student accomplishes each successive goal, they develop new attitudes that will enable them reach the top of list which is the success that the student was yearning for. Comparing this method and the Skinner box, success in each step is like rewarding the rat with food as its behavior approaches what the scientist desires. This is what lead to the development of the action potential team; we promote success by means of the method of successive approximations....
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