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Concept Paper: Project S.I.A 1/29/2011 Air travel has become key aspect of our modern society. Whether it’s making a meeting or just traveling to see loved ones, air travel has made it possible for the population of the globe to accomplish more tasks in a shorter period of time. It also makes global tourism possible; and plays in a key role in economic growth. Social networking recently became an important aspect of our daily lives. It gives us the opportunity to connect with old comrades as well as discover new ones. It provides a virtual link to friends that we may never be able to see face to face. Facebook, the freshly established social networking giant, provides these opportunities and much more; these include the ability to create your own profile, add friends, send messages, join common interest groups, update statuses, etc. All these attributes contributes to the site’s success as the leading social networking service as of January 2009. These observations point to a field that no one has noticed or explored. However, we
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