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EAP Culture Essay

EAP Culture Essay - Ezekwem Obum Ezekwem Professor Siczek...

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Ezekwem Obum Ezekwem Professor Siczek EAP 1015 03/13/2011 ASA: The Sub-Culture Within GW George Washington had a vision of a city that would be the center of the world. A city where individuals from all corners of the globe would gather together and share cultures, as well as ideas. This ideal city took has taken form in modern day Washington DC. Washington DC is known to be the center of the world; persons of various nationalities are looking to make a mark on this great city. As a result, Washington DC has developed into a melting pot of cultures. The George Washington University has also imbibed this characteristic, but on the university scale. The GW culture is one of a melting pot of students with different nationalities. According to George D. Kuh and Elizabeth J. Whitt, culture is both a product and a process. It’s a process in that it contains “substance or the networks of meanings contained in its ideologies, norms, and values”(Kuh & Whitt 15); it’s a process in that it “forms, the practices whereby these meanings are expressed, affirmed, and communicated to members” (Kuh & Whitt). However, the general culture held by the University is not the same as cultures held by subgroups with the Univeristy. According to Kuh and Whitt, “colleges and universities are not monolithic entities. Subgroups have their own artifacts and values, which may differ from the host’s institutional culture”(27). An example of such a case is the African Student Association (ASA). The ASA holds a culture that is much different from GW’s culture, but represents GW’s culture in its own way.
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