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Obum Ezekwem Katherine Larsen Research Proposal Soccer: Feminine USA vs. Masculine England Overview The biggest event in the world came to South Africa this year. Soccer stars from 32 countries around the globe gathered to take part in the most anticipated competition in the world: the FIFA 2010 World Cup. However, with all the hype about the world cup everywhere, some Americans had no idea what was going on. England and the United States would be playing against each other, yet you can only count on one hand the number of bars (or pubs) that would be screening the match. The giants of England, Manchester United and Arsenal FC, will be squaring-off at 3pm (Eastern Time) on the 13 th of December. On that day, most people in the United States will take it as another Monday afternoon and will probably be at work or having lunch with a potential client of a law firm. On the other hand, the streets of Manchester (England) will be deserted. Every soccer fan (whether he/she is a fan of Arsenal, Manchester United, or other teams) will be at the stadium watching the game live, or in front of a flat screen watching the live action. If the New Orleans Saints were to square-off to the New York Giants sometime in the NFL season, what would happen in England with a famous premiership match (e.g. Manchester United vs. Arsenal FC) would happen in the United States. The majority of Americans would be glued to their seats at the stadium, while others may be glued to their radios at work or in their cars to witness the non-stop action. Why is it that soccer is not as popular in the United States as it is in England? Why do the majority Americans go crazy for NFL teams and not as much for MLS teams? This paper explains why most Americans think of soccer as a feminine sport (therefore not as popular as other traditional American sports), while in England soccer is considered one of the most masculine sports to have ever been created. The explanation of this phenomenon will also explain why soccer is not a popular sport in the United States. People often wonder why it’s only the United States, among all the countries in the world, who has not embraced the passion of football yet. Immigrants from soccer loving countries that come to the United States still hold that passion for soccer. A lot of these immigrants have different cultures and beliefs, but the one thing they share is the passion for soccer. It is this passion that unites them and brings them together in various communities. A CNS (Catholic News Service) story spoke of how the start of the World Cup on June 11 brought many different immigrant groups in New York together: “The New York City borough of the Bronx is noted for having communities of almost every immigrant group imaginable, with Latino groups being the most prevalent. However, in the Belmont section of the Bronx, a traditional Italian-American stronghold, both Italian-born people and people of Italian descent had geared up for the World Cup long in advance of the opening game June 11”(Catholic News Service). It is obvious that most of the immigrant groups are not influenced by the famous American
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UW Proposal - Obum Ezekwem Katherine Larsen Research...

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