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Research Paper (UW) II - Research Paper Obum Ezekwem...

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Research Paper Obum Ezekwem Katherine Larsen 11/30/2010 Abstract In this paper, I discuss the differing views of football (soccer) in the United States and England and how it could revolutionize female sports. The foundation for this discussion is the gender roles found in sports. The United States and England unique cultural definitions for what kinds of sports are feminine and what kinds are masculine. They agree for the most part, except when it comes to football. They disagree strongly in this aspect and one explanation for this disagreement can be found in Jacquelynne Eccles’ expectancy-value model. I explain the preconception that some Americans have that football is a feminine sport and list some of the reasons why these individuals hold this belief. These beliefs partly depend on what these two countries consider masculine in sports. For example, the United States prides itself in the NFL with six-foot-five and three hundred pound giants that go out and give hard hits. This is the American idea of a masculine sport. This is among the reasons why some Americans do not find English football interesting. They think that it's a feminine sport because English football does not require heavy men giving hard hits in order to get as many touchdowns as possible. An English footballer could be five-foot- eight and weigh a hundred seventy pounds and be a strong force in the team. Some Americans do not think that this kind of build is sufficient enough for a truly masculine sport. After looking at football in the United States, I then present the view of football in England. In England, football is among the sports considered masculine by the entire population. The game is idolized there and the players get 5-star treatment; much like what NFL players get in the United States. Football fandom in England is so strong to the point where hooliganism has become a major issue. I touch on how hooliganism is a problem in the English football leagues and the theories that explain why this kind of behavior of football fans in England is so prevalent there. I conclude with the idea that the feministic view of football in the United States could be an opportunity in disguise; it could be an opportunity for females from around the globe who share the same passion for football to be given an environment (in the United States) where they can enjoy the sport they love and succeed in it as well. Introduction
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Research Paper (UW) II - Research Paper Obum Ezekwem...

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