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heart attacks - early advanced medical care CPR 30...

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Breathing barriers. * Low chance of disease during CPR Plastic masks (bags on keychains), Breathing barriers (plastic barrier square) or  pocket masks (one way valve, with curved surface) Heart Attacks, signals, * appear 1 hour before Men chest discomfort of pain (usually in center of chest) Sweating shortness of breath Women Cold sweats Jaw/more upper pain * More often deny hear attacks 4 Steps to Help early recognition and calling for help early CPR keeps blood flowing early definberlation
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Unformatted text preview: early advanced medical care CPR, 30 compressions of the chest (interlaced finguers pressing 2 inches down) 2 recue breathes of 1 second each keep going until help arrives CPR is 1/3 as effective as the beating heart If the person revives, If your too tiered to continue Your first compression will sound like you are breaking ribs, you probably aren't and it's not a big deal. always say, "I was too exhasuted to continue"...
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