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notes - open the mouth and look for an object Take the...

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Choughing, Five forceful back blows, Five abdonminal thrusts, Continue until the object is forced out, the person begins breathing on their  own, or they pass out. find the navel, make a fist with the other hand. Pull inward and upward. Infant, Hold with one hand, do same procedure. To do back blows, hold the infant with their back facing you, diagnal to the  ground. Abdonmial thrusts = two fingers Clearing the airway, Just give chest compressions (30) to remove an object
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Unformatted text preview: open the mouth and look for an object Take the object out. This ^ is like a reset. Do the whole process over again. 2 rescue breathes, CPR AED, An AED is a shock device that attempts to restart the heart. Perons chest should be bare and dry. Apply pads, one the upper right chest, and another on the lower left side (left abs) give one shock, stand clear, afterward start CPR....
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