Repiratory System

Repiratory System - alows movement protects organs supports...

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Repiratory System- * Provides oxygen for cells * Air channels from mouth-oveili-lungs * works with cardiovasucular system to deliver the oxygen Faluire, Heart beats iraticaly, brain shuts down, nervous system fails Circulatory- * Arteries, viens, heart * Bleed out is less than two minutes during severe bleeding Nervous System- * made up of: Brain, Spinal Cord, Nerves * Brain: sends sensory information from the brain to the spinal cord, to nerves. * Your conciousness is the result of the nervous system. Musculoskeletal Sysyem-
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Unformatted text preview: * alows movement, protects organs, supports muscles * movement is at the joints Skin, * pores can open up and sweat out body hear * blood vessels near the surface can shrink or expand to control temperature * skin breaks can let new germs into the body Younger = shorter breathes and less air (adults have most breathe) * Air we breathe is 21% oxygen, when we exhale 16% of the air is still oxygen Your nervous system, circulatory, and skin control your temperature....
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