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Cover the wound with a clean cloth or bandage. Cover the bleeding area with a  clean bandage. If the wound includes an object in the body, do NOT remove the object. cover the wound with sterlie dressing apply pressure to the wound use a roller bandage, cover the dressing completely, overlap turns secure the bandage pale  skin, rapid breathing, vitim is thirsty = internal bleeding. Open wounds Abrasion, (you fall and skid your hand) these wounds are easy to manage. Clean them out and bandage. INfection signs do not show up untill 24-36 hours latter. Infections are swollen, pussy, or have red streeks leading to the heart Insized, caused by an object (knife, razorblade) Lazerated, ragged and
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Unformatted text preview: irregular wound causing a lot of bleeding. Amputation, the body part is completely severed - or close to it. Puncture, if you step on a nail or hit your self with a staple. These don't bleed much and as a result are a big risk for infection Control Breathing, 1) Use dressing 2) Elevate above the level of the heart 3) Wrap dressing over the wound, it will swell and get tighter, if blood soaks through, add more dressing. 4) Stop pressure points Brakel: Where you check your baby pulse Femeral: At the bend of the hip as you flex your legs...
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