The Indispensability of morality

The Indispensability of morality - THE INDISPENSABILITY OF...

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“THE INDISPENSABILITY OF MORALITY” “A man does what he must - in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles and dangers and pressures - and that is the basis of all human morality.” -WINSTON CURCHILL Morality is a creed or an axiom of moral conduct that relates to the principles of right, wrong and fairness in behavior. Morality helps in distinguishing between good and bad, or right and wrong, intentions, decisions, thoughts and actions. In today’s world of diverse, multicultural, bilingual population, it is very difficult to come to common grounds on all the issues in the world. Each person is entitled to express his opinions and stick with his beliefs. No two people are raised the same way. No two cultures are exactly the same although they might propagate the same issues. Morality is not just about following the law but it definitely means not doing anything against the law. But that’s just a drop in the bucket. It is more about doing the right thing, about not doing anything against your conscience. It is about judging what is right and what is wrong. These judgments are universally applicable and pervasive. It is immoral to murder someone in any part of the world. No culture or religion teaches you to kill. Morality is imperative. There is nothing that should outrun morality. Convenience, personal gain and even legal requirements fall before moral obligations. The famous protagonist Robin Hood is also considered a thief even though he helped the poor and contributed towards their upliftment in the society. Something that is often forgotten is that it’s not only wrong to do the wrong thing but also to support it. “Accomplices are
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2 equally guilty. “ If it is wrong to take a bribe, giving a bribe is also immoral and should be penalized. Morality is a very complex concept that us difficult to understand as it is
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The Indispensability of morality - THE INDISPENSABILITY OF...

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