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Weed Science, PLS 4601c Section 7644 and Grad. – Prin. Of Weed Science AGR 6932 Section 9212 University of Florida – Davie http://grove.ufl.edu/~turf/weedscience/ Philip Busey, [email protected] (cell) June 11, 2009 Common weeds set 1 Genus species Common name Family Life cycle Stem and growth Leaves Inflorescence Flowers Fruits Cyperus rotundus purple nutsedge Cyperaceae perennial spreading by underground rhizomes and tubers; upright triangular culms 3-ranked, shiny, linear loose terminal umbel subtended by bracts reddish brown or purplish spikelets at least 8 mm long achene Cynodon dactylon common bermudagrass Poaceae perennial spreading by rhizomes and stolons; upright, round culms dull, often minutely pubescent (hairy) several racemes arising digitately greenish spikelets 2-3 mm long with 2 florets, lower reduced caryopsis dispersed in spikelet Eleusine indica goosegrass Poaceae annual tough, clumped bunch grass with round upright culms, silvery centers of plant base 2-ranked, sheaths
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