establishment - Turfgrass Culture, ORH3222C Section 7982...

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and Grad. – Res. And Develop. in Turfgrass Sci. HOS6523 Section 5819 University of Florida - Davie Philip Busey, 954-579-3932 (cell) September 14, 2009 Turf Establishment: P-E-G-I-S-I-D Design and establishment of turf areas are important because of their long-term consequences. Turfgrass has an amazing potential for compound growth. So do the weeds. The S-shaped growth curve is a powerful tool for accomplishing turf objectives: the establishment of a uniform, manageable turf cover, whether by sod, seed, sprigs, or plugs. While the two biggest factors in the success or failure of turf establishment are water and weeds, these and interwoven with other environmental factors, e.g., timing, temperature, soil, and use. There are seven operational steps in turfgrass design and establishment, and they are covered in the easily remembered mnemonic P-E-G-I-S-I-D Students should also be aware of specialized applications, some of which we will see or discuss on field trips, e.g., sod production, hydroseeding, washed sod, big roll sod, seed priming and pregermination, overseeding, and netting. Species Potential growth rate Weight increase (% per day) Time to achieve ground coverage (days) Sod harvest cycle (months) Maintenance requirement Recuperation rate bahiagrass (seed) slow 2 to 4 N/A 12 to 24 low slow bermudagrass fast 8 to 9 50 + 3 to 8 high very fast centipedegrass slow 2 80 + 9 to 15 low slow seashore paspalum fast 7 60 + ? high fast St. Augustinegrass
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establishment - Turfgrass Culture, ORH3222C Section 7982...

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