Plant selection - Landscape and Turfgrass Management...

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Landscape and Turfgrass Management Landscape Plant Species Selection Background: There are many factors that should be considered in the selection of trees, shrubs, vines and groundcovers for landscape use. Characteristics such as height at maturity, salt tolerance, drought tolerance, whether or not a particular plant is a native species or not, are among the factors that landscapers should consider in selecting plant species. Traditionally, printed selection guides have been consulted by landscapers in choosing which kinds of plants to use. More recently, plant selection software packages have been developed. These packages enable landscapers to establish the criteria they deem to be important in landscape plant selection, and the database in the software gives the landscaper lists of appropriate plant species. Some of these software packages also give the landscaper pictures of the particular species in typical landscape surroundings, so that people who may be unfamiliar with any particular plant can see its image in a typical
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Plant selection - Landscape and Turfgrass Management...

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