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Project 1 - STA 6126 Spring 2011 Project 1 Due Thursday Nov...

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STA 6126 Spring 2011 Project – 1 Due: Thursday, Nov. 3, 2011 Late reports will not be accepted. Analysis of House Sales Data for Gainesville 1. Summarize the data below using your favorite statistical package, by means of a table and a graph for each variable . (First see Chapter 3 notes and the text.) 2. For the quantitative variable calculate the “five number summary”, as well as its mean and the standard deviation. 3. Gainesville Realtors Association (GRA) claims that the average price per square foot (SqftPrice) in Fall 2011 is below the average in 2006 (which was calculated as 100). Test this claim using a 95% confidence interval for the mean SqftPrice of 2011. 4. Write a brief article (at most one page) for the local paper, interpreting everything you have obtained. Insert the graphs within the article, resizing them so that everything fits on one page. 5. Put the whole computer output, except the graphs as an appendix and print it at the back of the article (reduce font size if needed). 6. The whole report should fit on one sheet (two pages). Do not use two sheets please (we want to save some trees). Selling price of homes in Gainesville, Florida, Fall 2011:
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