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STA4502/5507 NONPARAMETTRIC STATISTICS TERM PROJECT (Due after Thanksgiving Break) In this project you are expected to 1. Pose a question that needs to be answered using a nonparametric procedure. 2. Collect sample data to be analyzed to answer the question in step 1. The set of data may be your own (e.g., for your dissertation) or someone else’s (in which case do not forget to give proper reference.) [Worst case: you may collect a set of data from your friends and/or relatives and assume that to be a random sample. Of course your findings are not correct because the sample
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Unformatted text preview: is not random.] 3. Explain why you need to use nonparametric techniques. 4. Analyze the data, using all 3 methods of statistical inference . 5. Explain why you’ve chosen the technique you used to analyze the data. 6. Interpret all the numerical results obtained. 7. Write a brief report (with computer output, if any, as an appendix). 8. Present the findings in class. 9. Answer all questions posed by your colleagues and professor after the oral presentation. 10. Ask good questions to other students’ presentations....
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