Exam 2 jeoperdy - 1. The Degree to which a measure is free...

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1. The Degree to which a measure is free of random error—Reliability 2. A perfect positive correlation is indicated by this number? 1 3. Measures must be reliable in order to be this; the extent to which a measure correlates with some criterion of interest—Validity 4. This method of assessing validity asks experts to judge whether a measure’s items appear to measure what they are supposed to measure—Utility 5. A measure has this quality if it performs similarly across different jobs, time periods, and organizations—Generalizability 6. A score on any measure has two components: a true score, and—Random error 7. If this is a zero, I’ll have an easy time choosing between two candidates 8. Reliability is calculated by correlating—“measurement repetitions”. 9. A problem of concurrent validation that “restricts” the validity correlation of selection measures--Most of them already have high levels of whatever it is you’re measuring (or else they wouldn’t have gotten the job). This is called “restriction in range.” 10. Selection measures are “good” if they possess these five characteristics—Reliable, Valid, generalizable, useful, legal. 11. This statistic indicates the amount of variance explained in an outcome by a predictor— 12. This method of validation gives a measure to applicants but doesn’t select on it, then later correlates that measure with an outcome—Predictive Validation 13. The usefulness of a selection measure is referred to as this Utility 14. The utility of a measure depends on these two factors Increasing overall profitability Allowing us to accurately select those who will succeed on the job, in a “batting
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Exam 2 jeoperdy - 1. The Degree to which a measure is free...

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