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Unformatted text preview: Research Participation for Class Credit Class Access ID: fall2011 [email protected] IMPORTANT If you are enrolled in BOTH MGT 315 & MGT 325 You MUST let us know [email protected] MGT 315 Research Credit MGT Research credit can be earned two Research different ways – Read a current research article and write a Read paper on it paper Participate in a research experiment All experiments run through the Signup website See Syllabus for complete details NOTE: These instructions are available NOTE: on Angel – ‘Required Research.ppt’ on fall2011 Please use your full PID (including the ‘A’) Select MGT 315 from the drop down menu System requires all fields be filled in. Can use a ‘dummy’ phone number. (e.g., 555-1234) If applicable, choose the appropriate class class Select an available research study Select To schedule a session, click on the blue ID on the left You MUST cancel a session 23 hours prior if you cannot make it prior If you need to go back in, your UserID is the first part of your e-mail address: e.g., Use student123 if your e-mail ID is [email protected] If you have trouble logging in and have NOT yet registered for a research study, create a new account using a different email address (e.g., gmail, yahoo, etc) Questions / issues … e-mail: [email protected] Please double check this presentation BEFORE you email with questions Please double check this presentation BEFORE you email with questions Final Notes Final Sign up early, do not wait until the end do of the semester. There will be spots for everyone, BUT … everyone, Once a session date is passed, those Once slots are lost slots Once the sessions are done, that’s it Final Notes Final You must show up before the beginning You must before of the research session, late participants will not be given credit not You can cancel up to 23 hours prior to You 23 the study. If you miss a session, you can only earn 80% of the credit only ...
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