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Jacques Amanda Jacques Sarah Hill English 101-13 19 April 2010 Murrow Vs. McCarthy Tuesday, March 8 th , 1954 was the day Edward R. Murrow delivered his justified attack on Joseph McCarthy, and started the downfall of McCarthy’s career. The story of Murrow's report on McCarthy is seen in the movie Good Night, and Good Luck produced by George Clooney and Grant Heslov. The two competitors in this movie are Murrow and McCarthy. Murrow was an influential reporter, who strived to show the country the truth on his CBS program See It Now. McCarthy was a senator from Wisconsin, and the leader of the anti-communist movement. He was known for his power and persuasion over people. McCarthy ruined lives by accusing people of communist acts, or having alliances with people who commit communist acts. The country expected Murrow’s report on McCarthy, and it had a serious impact on both of their careers. Murrow and McCarthy were both influential people of the time, and it was inevitable that their paths would cross. Although television did have a big impact on Americans, Murrow’s attack on McCarthy was fair and justified, and Murrow didn’t have an advantage. Murrow’s attack is said to be unfair because he had a huge team behind him, however McCarthy had a team backing him as well. In the movie, Good Night, and Good Luck , it is seen how big of a team is working with and helping Murrow behind the scenes 1
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2 of his show See It Now . The movie doesn’t represent the team behind McCarthy, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one there. McCarthy has a huge team supporting him, and investigating people, just like Murrow. Joseph Wershba touches on this in his article “Murrow vs. McCarthy: See It Now” when he discusses Don Surine. Wershba describes Surine as “a former F.B.I. agent and one of Senator McCarthy’s most trusted investigators and closest confidents”(GNGL 23). It is seen in the movie that Surine approaches Wershba with information on Murrow, Surine hands Wershba an envelope, and Wershba reads the contents. Surine says, “In short? Ed Murrow has been a communist sympathizer since the 1930”s. Member of the International Workers, sponsor of educational trips to Moscow…and on the soviet payroll in 1934…it’s all there”(GNGL text 130). This is the
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