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Jacques Amanda Jacques Eng 101-13 26 April 2010 Margaret Chase Smith’s Speech to the Senate Joe McCarthy was a close to unknown senator before his speech at Wheeling, WV, which completely changed his career, but his accusations in this speech did not go unnoticed. Margaret Chase Smith spoke to the Senate on June 1 st , 1950, and showed her disagreement with McCarthy’s claims and viewpoints. Joe McCarthy, a senator from Wisconsin, became the face of anti-communism after his speech at Wheeling. His speech accused people in the government of being communists. Margaret Chase Smith was a senator from Maine and was the first senator to criticize the tactics of McCarthy by making her Declaration of Conscience speech in June of 1950. Haynes Johnson, author of The Age of Anxiety , showed his opinion about Smith’s rebuke by saying “She then delivered what, more than half a century later, remains one of the most remarkable political addresses ever heard in that often-mocked senatorial ‘cave of winds’”(178). Margaret Chase Smith’s speech to the senate thoroughly addresses and rebuts McCarthy’s speech at Wheeling, which is a courageous action because of McCarthy’s power. To summarize McCarthy’s speech in a word, it was fearful. He played on the emotions of Americans and scared them into seeing his opinion. McCarthy stated, “in my opinion the State Department, which is one of the most important government departments, is thoroughly infested with communists” (Schrecker 240). By accusing the “most important government department” of having communist, he introduced the fact that the country was being run by communists, or at least working for them. If the country was run by communist then the best interests of the people 1
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Jacques would not have been met. This is an important subject because since McCarthy introduced this, he wanted to show that he was looking out for the best interests of the people. McCarthy was an
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eng1012 - 1 Jacques Amanda Jacques Eng 101-13 26 April 2010...

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