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1 Jacques Amanda Jacques English 101-13 26 April 2010 Portfolio Introduction Joseph McCarthy was a senator from Wisconsin, and was pretty unknown until his speech at Wheeling, WV. He shocked the country with his speech that accused government officials of being communists. He was known for his power and persuasion over people, and his ability to ruin careers. McCarthy was a feared man of the time. He led the Anti-communist movement. People that stood up to McCarthy were very important at the time; they showed that he wasn’t invincible. The two people who stood up to him that were discussed in this course were Margaret Chase Smith, a senator from Maine, and Edward R. Murrow, a reporter on the show See It Now. The texts that were worked with in English 101 this semester were The Age of McCarthyism, by Ellen Schrecker; Shooting Star, by Wicker; and Good Night, and Good Luck, by George Clooney. The movie, Good Night, and Good Luck, was also a document used in class. The Age of McCarthyism was half documents from the time of McCarthyism, including Venona transcripts, documents from the Rosenberg Case, the Loyalty Security Program, and McCarthy’s speeches. The other half is Schrecker’s interpretation of these documents. Good Night, and Good Luck was about the movie Good Night, and Good Luck, directed by George Clooney and Grant Heslov. It contained the screenplay, interviews with Clooney and Heslov, and articles from reporters working with Edward R. Murrow. The movie, Good Night and Good Luck, is about the See It Now episode that Murrow produced about McCarthy, and the Radulovich case.
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2 The first paper I chose is about Margaret Chase Smith’s speech to the Senate. The reason it is included is because Smith went against McCarthy. She knew the risks, and still went against him. This showed a lot of courage, and she should be recognized for it. The struggle I had writing my paper was connecting the two ideas of my thesis, which were that Smith was courageous in her actions, and that her speech addresses and rebuts McCarthy’s speech at Wheeling. I ended up using a transition paragraph to connect the two ideas, instead of trying to connect them in all of the paragraphs. The strengths in this paper were that I addressed all aspects of my thesis, and had a well developed argument. In this paper, I struggled with using quotes, but it taught me the importance of including enough support for my lines of logic. The second paper included is about the movie Good Night, and Good Luck, but primarily about Edward R. Murrow’s attack on McCarthy. It is included because Murrow also defied McCarthy, even with all of the risks against him. The struggle I had with this paper was also connecting the two topics in my thesis, the fairness of Murrow’s attack, and addressing the advantages Murrow had. I put in a transition paragraph to connect the ideas, which gave the paper a better flow. The strength in this paper was that I connected the ideas of different sources
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engportfolio - 1 Jacques Amanda Jacques English 101-13 26...

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