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Jacques Smokey Cream of Mushroom Soup Formulation Ingredient Function Therapeutic Diet Modification (vegan) 6 ounces Onions, chopped Flavor, texture 24 ounces Mushrooms, whole, chopped Flavor, texture, color 12 ounces Butter Cooking medium for vegetables, flavor, helps thicken. Separates starch granules-no lumping Vegan margarine 12 tablespoons Flour Thickens, texture, the starch of the recipe, viscosity 3 teaspoons Salt Flavor enhancer To taste Pepper Flavor, color 3 teaspoons Dried thyme Flavor, color 48 fluid ounces Chicken broth Flavor, body of the soup, texture, viscosity Vegetable broth 48 fluid ounces Evaporated milk Flavor, body of soup, creaminess, absorbed by starch Soy milk 1 dash Liquid smoke flavor Flavor Methodology 1.) Sauté the onion and mushrooms in the butter over medium heat. Cook until they are tender and any liquid given off has evaporated a. The significance of this procedure is to tenderize and soften the mushrooms and onions. When they are heated they also become more flavorful. b. The functions of the ingredients in this step are flavor, texture, and color. The butter is the fat, so it gives the recipe more flavor. c. Dehydration is occurring in this step. The vegetables are being cooked by conduction. 2.) Blend in the flour, salt, pepper, and thyme. Gradually stir in the chicken stock, then the milk. a. The significance of this procedure is to make it into a soup consistency. The chicken stock and milk make the recipe into a liquid, making it a soup. b. The flour is the main thickener in this recipe. The thyme and pepper are for flavor and color. The salt is a flavor enhancer, which suppresses bitter taste, while enhancing the sweet and sour flavors. The chicken stock makes the product liquidy. The milk is for texture 1
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Jacques and flavor, it gives the soup a creamy texture. c. The first reaction in this recipe is between the butter and the flour. When the flour is added to the melted butter , the starch granules in the flour evenly disperse in the butter. The roux is how the flour thickens the soup. The chicken stock and milk are then added, these ingredients should be cold, and when they are added to the hot liquid, they prevents clumping of the starch, and should be stirred vigorously to further prevent the clumping. 3.) Cook until the soup thickens slightly, but do not allow it to boil. Stir in the liquid smoke flavoring. a. Cooking the soup will allow gelatinization to occur. And you don’t want to overcook the soup because then it will lose moisture, and become too thick. b. The smoke flavoring is for flavor. c. Starch gelatinization is when a starch is heated in a liquid, and the set molecular order in the granules is disrupted as the liquid is absorbed and the granules swell. This increases the viscosity and thickens soup.
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