Titanic - Amanda Jacques Introduction I Honestly who has...

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Amanda Jacques Introduction I. Honestly, who has seen the Titanic? Show of hands. How many of you know how the Titanic sank? II. In 1997 when the Titanic first came out, I became obsessed with all things Titanic, mainly because I had a huge crush on Leonardo DiCaprio. I have been researching the Titanic ever since. III. Today I will inform you how the sinking of the Titanic became such a disaster. IV. The events leading up to the departure of the Titanic, what happened onboard, and what happened after the Titanic struck the iceberg all played a part in the disaster. Transition: Rewind to 100 years ago to Belfast, Ireland. This is where the story of the Titanic began. Body I. Even before the Titanic set sail on April 10 th , 1912, it was at a risk for sinking. A. The rivets in the front of the boat, were made of a weaker type of iron ore than the rivets used in the body of the ship 1. Since the front of the ship was rounded, the machinery that hit the rivets in couldn’t be used, meaning they had to hammer them in my hand, so the weaker rivets were easier to hammer in. 2. When the Titanic stuck the iceberg, it wasn’t punctured; it opened up like a zipper because the heads of the rivets popped off. B. The original specifications were not followed for the water-tight
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Titanic - Amanda Jacques Introduction I Honestly who has...

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