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August 30 - -Migration brought cultural and social...

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August 30, 2011 1. In what ways was America a land made for industry? - Railroads tripled the coal industry - Railroads created the Steel Industry - Oil Industry emerged as it was discovered that it can be used as gasoline - Railroads, steel, and oil top 3 industries - Then came the invention of elevator, telephone, light bulb, etc - Agriculture - west - Mining – west - 2. What problems (growing plans) did America experience during its rapid industrialization? - Overproduction occurred in agriculture. Low Prices
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Unformatted text preview: -Migration brought cultural and social problems -Water and sanitation and garbage collection was a problem for the fast growing. Diseases-Corruption blamed on immigrants-Pollution Discussion 1. In what ways was America a land made for industry?-Railroads-Huge natural resources-Human Resources Millions of immigrants (cheap labor) Entrepreneurs (Rockefeller) Inventiveness -Mass production?-Government Support...
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