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Kennesaw State University History 2112 Dr. Nicholson Test 1 Study Guide Review the following concepts/people/events that we have discussed in Tindall/Shi Chs. 19- 22 and Loewen Chs. 4, 7: Ch. 19 Henry Grady’s vision - Democracy - Small Farms - Diversified industries - Better Education - Bustling Cities Areas in which southern economy expanded after Civil War - Textiles - Tobacco - Coal - Lumber Sharecropping/tenancy system - 14:00 Crop-lien system - 14:00 Dubois v. Washington views/debate - Washington: “Cast down your buckets” Work from bottom up Accommodate white power structure Vocational Training Established Tuskegee Institute - DuBois “Ceaseless agitation” Complete equality Access to higher education Criticized Washington’s approach The “Bourbons” (redeemers) & their achievements - The bourbon family that ran France - Cut government spending - Reduced public debt - Established boards of agriculture/public health - Established public colleges - Allowed black voice in governmet Black reactions to white racism - New attitudes - Racism/violence - Lynching Mississippi Plan - methods of disfranchisement
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black response to disfranchisement - Left south - Wore mask of deference/discretion - Constructed separate culture - Displayed entrepreneurship/pride - Established black women’s club Jim Crow laws Plessy v. Ferguson /”separate but equal” doctrine
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Study Guide - Kennesaw State University History 2112 Dr....

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