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Lowen Ch. 7 - to the present From what class have most U S...

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History 2112 – Discussion Questions Loewen Ch. 7 “The Land of Opportunity” 1. What are some of the problems textbooks have had treating labor history? 2. How does class affect the way government or society treats people? Are all people treated equally in the U. S.? Does one’s class affect the way one thinks? How so? (05:15) 3. How has social class affected the course of American history from colonial times
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Unformatted text preview: to the present? From what class have most U. S. presidents come? 4. How is class reflected in education in the U. S.? how can a more thorough knowledge of social class and its formation help to liberate people? 5. How has the publishing industry affected the treatment of class in textbooks? What is “heroification?”...
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