REVIEW - Ch. 19 Henry Gradys vision - Prophet of new south...

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Ch. 19 Henry Grady’s vision - “Prophet of new south” - Visions: Democracy Small Farms Diversified Industries Better Education Bustling Cities Areas in which southern economy expanded after Civil War - Economic Growth: Textiles Tobacco Coal Lumber - Agricultural Diversification Cotton, sugar cane, vegetables Sharecropping, tenancy, crop lien systems Sharecropping/tenancy system - Sharecropping/tenancy system: replace the slave system of - The creditors in New South became the primary power brokers, Money - Lots of problem with these systems, debt? Crop-lien system - Look previous Q Dubois v. Washington views/debate - Washington “cast down your buckets” Work from bottom up Accommodate white power structure Vocational Training Established Tuskegee institute - Dubois “ceaseless agitation” Complete equality Access to higher education Criticized Washington’s approach The “Bourbons” (redeemers) & their achievements - The Bourbons were the Democratic white leaders of the new south - They were entrepreneurs - Had alliance with northern capital/conservatives - Diverse Group Ideology - Achievements: Cut government spending Reduced public debt Established board of agriculture and public health Established public colleges Allowed black voice in government
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Black reactions to white racism - Trying to get around the 14, 15 amendment - Mississippi Plan - All methods of disfranchising the whites brought there methods of disfranchisement - New attitudes - Racism/violence - Lynching - Mississippi Plan - Plessy V Ferguson - Jim Crow Laws black response to disfranchisement - Left the south - Wore masks of deference/discretion - Constructed separate culture - Displayed entrepreneurship/pride - Established black women’s club Jim Crow laws - Legalize segregation Plessy v. Ferguson /”separate but equal” doctrine - Establish things separate but equal Morton theatre - One of 4 survivor black theaters - Located in Athens Leo Frank/Mary Phagan - Local Case - Frank Wrongly accused for murdering Phagan - He was lynched for this The Atlanta Compromise speech - Refers to Booker T. Washington - It was called compromise by his opponent because they thought he had sold out the white power occupations of the New West/decline of cowboys/number of cowboys
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REVIEW - Ch. 19 Henry Gradys vision - Prophet of new south...

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