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Unformatted text preview: Tindall/Shi Ch. 31 Tindall/Shi Ch. 31 Fair Deal & Containment: The Truman Years Copyright: W.C. Nicholson, Ph.D. Kennesaw State University Legacy of W.W. II Legacy of W.W. II Technology/Weaponry – The impact of the atomic bomb Moral capacity to use such weaponry Emergence of bi­polar world – U.S. v. U.S.S.R. Enter Harry Truman Enter Harry Truman Background Early policies Demobilization – G.I. Bill The economy Harry Truman (con’t) Harry Truman (con’t) Partisan Cooperation/Conflict – Employment Act (1946) Full employment in america – Atomic Energy Commission (1946) – Taft­Hartley Act (1947) Labor legislation that arose in the war. Negotiating with labor unions. Workers not to join labor unions – National Security Act (1947) Total reaorganization fo defense and diplomatic state approach. They had to integrate defense and state NSC USAF Joint Chiefs Defense Dep’t CIA Roots of the Cold War Roots of the Cold War Ideological conflict: orthodox v. revisionist viewpoints Territorial acquisitions Clashing strategic interests American use of atomic bomb Truman’s distrust of the U.S.S.R. The development of the “iron curtain” American Policies/Actions in the American Policies/Actions in the Early Cold War Formation of United Nations Trying War Criminals Containment (George F. Kennan ­ 1947) – The Truman Doctrine – The Marshall Plan – N.A.T.O. Berlin Blockade/Airlift (1948/49) The Berlin Airlift The Berlin Airlift 1948 Election 1948 Election Role of civil rights – Desegregation of the military – Support of anti­lynching bill The candidates The results The Cold War Heats Up The Cold War Heats Up Creation of P.R.C. – Communists (Mao Zedong) v. Nationalists (Chiang Kai­shek) The Soviets develop the bomb Korean War – N. Korea invaded S. Korea at 38th parallel: American response – Truman’s Address – Battle of Inchon: June – Sept 1950 Chinese counter­attack Results of the “war” The Korean War The Korean War The Cold War Heats Up (con’t) The Cold War Heats Up (con’t) The Red Scare/McCarthyism – 1950­54 – Nixon/Hiss affair – Who was Joe McCarthy (see video) – Impact of McCarthyism ...
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