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Kennesaw State University History 2112 - Test 3 Study Guide Dr. Nicholson [Test 3 will cover Tindall/Shi Chs. 28-31] Ch. 28 FDR/Eleanor Roosevelt background “Happy Days are Here Again” FDR’s recovery plan (the 3 “Rs”) -recovery/relief/reform -banking/agriculture/business The Hundred Days 21 st Amendment (ended prohibition) Percentage of Americans unemployed (25%) Emergency Banking Relief Act bank holiday RFC FDIC/HOLC/SEC AAA NRA TVA/REA-purpose CWA/WPA – money spent The Okies FDR’s reform package -Social Security Act (1935) -Revenue (Soak the Rich) Act -Wagner Act 1936 Election-major contenders to FDR -Long/Coughlin/Townsend Huey P. Long/Share the Wealth program court-packing plan legacy of the New Deal Ch. 29 Washington Conference/Treaty Conference to end hostility between US and Germany (Ended state of war with germany) Five, Four, Nine Power Treaty Good Neighbor Policy Way to try to deal with this negative image of USA in Latin America and Caribbean Removed military troops from Latin America Attended Pan American Conference Cuban Independence sitzkrieg/blitzkrieg - Sitzkrieg: Phony war/sit-down war - Blitzkrieg: Lighting war Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Netherlands
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anschluss - Annexation of Germany and Austria Lend lease program - Lend military material to Britain in Singapore bases Battle of Britain/Churchill quotation - After Hitler invades France, he controlled all of Europe, except for Britain - Aerial battle only - “never before in the field of human conflict has so much been owed by so many to so
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Study Guide - Kennesaw State University History 2112 - Test...

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