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Lecture XXVII Application of Optimal Control to Fisheries I. One application of deterministic optimal control is the optimal harvest problem found in Clark, Collin W. Mathematical Bioeconomics (New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1990). A. Writing the basic resource problem as: (29 max () max e pqx c E dt st dx dt Fx qEx Et E t - - =- ≤≤ δ 0 0 The Hamiltonian can then be written as: [] H e pqx c E F x q E x e pqx c qx E F x t + - - + - - δ δ λ λλ This yields a control problem with a single control variable, E (effort). B. The Pontryagin conditions then become: 1. The optimality condition: 0 2 == - - ⇒= - =-- +
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