PracticeTest2 - Practice Test 2, 427K, 10/27/2011 PRINTED...

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Unformatted text preview: Practice Test 2, 427K, 10/27/2011 PRINTED NAME: Every problem is worth an equal number of points for a total of 100 points. You must show your work; answers without substantiation do not count. Answers must appear in the box provided! No or the wrong answer in the answer box results in no credit! This does not aim nor claim to be exhaustive! Use this as a guide of what to study and not of what not to study! Do not expect to find every test problem listed here! Sigh. Test topics: Variation of Parameters, Undetermined Coefficients, Mechanical systems. Power series; Power series solutions. Euler equations. Regular singular points; Solutions at regular singular points. Do this practice test: I) Do one of: p190 # 1-21; p203 # 1-12. Answer: I’) Do one of: p249 # 1-20, 21-28; p259 # 1-14, 16-21; p265 # 1-17. Answer: II) Do one of: p271 # 1-14; p278 # 1-22. Answer: III) Do one of: p284 # 1-16; p292 # 1-17; p312 # 1-24; p322 # 1-16. Answer: (VI) !!!Read the whole problem before answering!!! a) Describe the most general circumstance in which the Method of Variation of Parameters applies. b) What is it intended to accomplish? c) How does it work? (VII) Find a particular solution of y ′′ + 4 y = 3 csc t . [Hint: integraltext csc t dt = ln vextendsingle vextendsingle csc t + cot t vextendsingle vextendsingle + C .] Answer: Y = VIII) Find the regular singular points of (1...
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This note was uploaded on 11/08/2011 for the course M 427K taught by Professor Fonken during the Fall '08 term at University of Texas.

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PracticeTest2 - Practice Test 2, 427K, 10/27/2011 PRINTED...

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