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BA 320 Syllabus UPLOADED OCT 11 - BA 320 Principles of...

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BA 320 – Principles of Marketing Syllabus FALL 2010 REVISED September 14, 2010 (ONLY ADDED DATES OF MARKETING ART. ANALYSIS) Tuesday and Thursday 9:30-10:50 (section 1) and 12:30-1:50 (section 2) 141 Wohlers Hall Prof. Cele Otnes (see bio, p. 9) Investors in Business Education Professor of Marketing Professor of Advertising; Professor, Campus Honors Program Office hours: Office hours: 2:30-3:30 T, Th Office: Room 4013 BIF Office phone: 265-0799 (leave a voicemail if I’m not there) Class e-mail: Send all emails through the Compass website . As you will see, there are two question forums where you can post questions: : Questions for the Entire Class – please enter your messages here if you think you have a question which, when answered, would benefit the other students in BOTH sections of the class. Students are encouraged to create messages that respond to questions/comments as well. TAs will monitor these emails and also answer publically so that both sections of the course benefit; OR Questions for the Section TAs – please enter your messages here that will only be addressed to the TA for your section, and the TA for that section will respond to these issues. These responses will be seen by all students in your section of the course (Section 1 or Section 2). Private Questions : If your questions are of a private nature, please email the TAs directly. For these emails, please specify in the subject heading of your email the topic of your communication: e.g., “Grade,” “Exam 1,” Exam 2,” and so on. Include your name on the subject line. If you send an email that the TA believes would benefit the entire class, the TA will ask you to submit this message on the appropriate Compass forum (either for the Entire Class or Section TAs). Required course material: Grewal and Levy. - Principles of Marketing, 2 nd edition -- UNIV OF ILLINOIS CUSTOM edition – bookstore only (we are using a different version than the one used by students this summer). Price is very reasonable for a new textbook – because we are using an Illinois-only edition! Readings available through the Compass website Teaching Assistant Teams: SECTION 1 TEAM:
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( PLEASE NOTE: Use the emails below only in emergencies because these mailboxes fill up quickly. Direct all non-emergency emails to the “Questions for the TAs” question board on Compass. Thanks). Kezhou Wang: [email protected] OFFICE HOURS: Monday, 2-4 p.m. Duo Jiang: [email protected] OFFICE HOURS: Thursday, 4-6 p.m. SECTION 2 TEAM: Jessica Hampson: [email protected] OFFICE HOURS: Tuesday and Thursday 2-3 p.m. Anu Suman: [email protected] OFFICE HOURS: Monday 1-3 p.m TA Office Hours will be held in 202 Survey Building, which is the small building adjacent to Wohlers Hall. - COURSE DESCRIPTION - This course is a detailed introduction to marketing. We focus on the marketing function within for-profit and non-profit organizations. Marketing offers a perspective on how firms can add value for their customers. As such, it is a tool-kit and an approach to doing “business.” The fundamental questions we ask are: (1) What do people need? (2) Which of those needs can be met by marketing? (3) How can we
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