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Unformatted text preview: ACCY 302 (Fall 2009) - Final Exam Information for Sections AE1, AE2, and AE5 Time and point values You will have the full three hours to complete the exam. In past semesters on different final exams, about two-thirds of students have stayed until the end of the three hour time period; however, only about % of students have ever left any answers blank. Total points possible on the final is 300. Topics Topics on the Exam (not necessarily in this order) and Approximate Coverage General Topic Area % of Points Number of Minutes to Spend on These Questions Relevance (including CVP analysis) 15%-20% 25-30 minutes Transfer pricing 10%-15% 15-20 minutes Variances 10%-15% 15-20 minutes Constraints 10%-15% 15-20 minutes Regression analysis 15%-20% 25-30 minutes Probabilities, decision trees & the value of information 15%-20% 25-30 minutes Selected pre-midterm topics 10%-15% 15-20 minutes For each of the general topic areas, a description of a decision problem will be followed by multiple questions about that problem. A small number of independent questions may also be asked about each of the general topic areas. Questions included in Selected pre-midterm topics will be shorter and more focused. One question on the exam will require you to draw a decision tree. This must be done on the exam booklet itself; you should not write anything on the computer bubble sheet for this question. All other questions will be multiple choice (~ 35 questions) and answers must be recorded on the computer bubble sheet to be accepted. It is helpful (but not required) to circle your selected answer on the exam booklet itself, but these answers will only be accepted in the event of serious problems with the bubble sheet (e.g., it is lost or mutilated).accepted in the event of serious problems with the bubble sheet (e....
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Final_OverviewAndInformation_2009 - ACCY 302 (Fall 2009) -...

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