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METHODS OF SOCIAL RESEARCH SYA 4300 Fall Semester 2011 Lab Session #1 Practice Exercises Go to the course Sakai website, select “Resources” and download the GSS dataset and open it in SPSS. 1. Create a table showing the mean family income ( realinc ) by respondents’ reported income at age 16 ( incom16 ). What do you see? 2. Repeat above, but now for the years 1978 1993 2008.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Generate a scatter plot of educ and paeduc . Do you see anything interesting? Discuss. 4. Calculate the correlation between educ and paeduc. Significant? Discuss. 5. Calculate the correlation between educ and paeduc for each year. Are the correlations by year significant? Analyze....
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