Step-by-Step%20Homework%20_2 - These are general...

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Unformatted text preview: These are general instructions for getting output you will use to prepare your write-up for Homework #2. I added syntax commands of each step for motivated users who would like to learn even more about SPSS (in Italic). Good luck! Every time you use SPSS, dont forget to start a Session Journal Edit -> Options -> File Locations o Record syntax in Journal should be checked on o Save Journal file to Desktop or your USB Drive o If you save Session Journal to Desktop, dont forget to send it to your email account before you log off You can open your Session Journal using any text editor, including MS Word, Note Pad, etc. Select the sample of respondents who answered all three questions during 2000 and 2008: Data -> Select Cases o If condition is satisfied If Expression: year = 2000 OR year = 2008 o Continue o OK Syntax: USE ALL. COMPUTE filter_$=(year = 2000 OR year = 2008). VARIABLE LABEL filter_$ 'year = 2000 OR year = 2008 (FILTER)'. VALUE LABELS filter_$ 0 'Not Selected' 1 'Selected'. FORMAT filter_$ (f1.0). FILTER BY filter_$. EXECUTE. (Q2) Report all possible bivariate relationships by showing the cross-tabulations among the three items. Analyze -> Descriptive Statistics -> Crosstabs o Cells Select Row, Column and Total under Percentages...
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Step-by-Step%20Homework%20_2 - These are general...

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