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These are general instructions for getting output you will use to prepare your write-up for Homework #3. I added syntax commands of each step for motivated users who would like to learn even more about SPSS (in Italic). Good luck! Every time you use SPSS, don’t forget to start a Session Journal Edit -> Options -> File Locations o “Record syntax in Journal” should be checked on o Save “Journal file” to Desktop or your USB Drive o If you save Session Journal to Desktop, don’t forget to send it to your email account before you log off You can open your Session Journal using any text editor, including MS Word, Note Pad, etc. (Q1) Report the mean, median, minimum, maximum, and frequency distribution of the variable wordsum (see next page for description from the codebook). Analyze Descriptive Statistics Frequencies o Statistics Select Mean, Median under Central Tendency Select Minimum, Maximum under Dispersion Continue o Variables(s): wordsum (number of words correct in vocabulary test) o Click OK Syntax: FREQUENCIES VARIABLES=wordsum /STATISTICS=MINIMUM MAXIMUM MEAN MEDIAN /ORDER=ANALYSIS. (Q2) Recode year into a new variable called decade. Do this by coding the following year ranges into the specified categories and labeling them accordingly: (1972/1979 = 1 “70s”) (1980/1989 =2 “80s”)
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Step-by-Step%20Homework%20_3 - These are general...

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