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Section II What Is Stress? Your Stress Knowledge This section measures how much you know about stress and how much you know about how to manage stress effectively. If you don't know enough about stress and its causes, nor about the best ways to manage the stress you experience, you are more likely to have that stress develop into negative consequences. Such consequences can include threats to your health (for example, hypertension, heart disease, or headaches), difficulty concentrating on your job or schoolwork, or impatience and tension that interfere with your interpersonal relationships. Scale 2.1: How Much Do You Know About Stress and Its Effects? How much do you know about stress? Its causes? Its effects? This scale will help you determine your level of stress knowledge. This test consists of 20 statements about stress. Some of the statements are true and some are false. If you think a statement is true, put a check in the column labeled True. If you think a statement is false, put a check in the column labeled False.
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Unformatted text preview: TRUE FALSE 1. People react to psychosocial stressors. 2. Constant arousal due to stress can cause a person’s blood pressure to remain at a low level. 3. Stress due to overload can result from demands that occur at home. 4. An individual who is adjusting to many life changes in a short period of time is less likely than usual to become ill. 5. Thinking about an unpleasant event is never as stressful as actually experiencing the event. 6. Thinking of oneself as useless and powerless can increase one's stress level. 7. The most stressful situations are usually those over which people feel they have a great deal of control. 8. Stress may decrease the body's ability to defend itself against disease. 9. Severe stress may cause people to have accidents. 10. One of the most common traits of the Type A personality is doing only one thing at a time. 11. Excessive stress probably decreases the rate at which one's body uses up vitamin C. 7 gre06755_ch02.qxd 4/8/05 11:23 AM Page 7...
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