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Stress Mgmt Quiz 2 pg2

Stress Mgmt Quiz 2 pg2 - gre06755_ch02.qxd 11:23 AM 12 13...

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12. A person under stress may feel confused. 13. Overload occurs when people are able to meet the demands that are placed on them. 14. A person under stress is often able to perform tasks better than usual. 15. Some degree of stress is necessary for life. 16. Stress can lead to the failure of organ systems in the body. 17. Too much stimulation is always more stressful than too little. 18. High blood pressure can injure the heart even though there are no obvious symptoms. 19. The stress produced by a situation depends more on the situation itself than on the person's perception of the situation. 20. The Type A personality is associated with heart disease. SCORING* Assign yourself one point for each of the following responses: Item Answer Item Answer 1T1 1F 2 F 12 T 3 T 13 F 4 F 14 F 5 F 15 T 6 T 16 T 7 F 17 F 8 T 18 T 9 T 19 F 10 F 20 T INTERPRETATION OF SCORES So, how did you do? If you scored higher than 11, you did pretty well. If you scored lower than 11,
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