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Stress Mgmt Quiz 2 pg4

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This test consists of 20 statements about stress. Some of the statements are true and some are false. If you think a statement is true, put a check in the column labeled True. If you think a statement is false, put a check in the column labeled False. TRUE FALSE 1. Imagining heaviness and warmth in one's body parts is an autogenic training technique. 2. An individual should consume more caffeine during stressful times. 3. Competitive physical activity is an effective stress management technique. 4. Involvement in the pleasure of physical activity leads to feelings of well-being. 5. Breaking down complicated tasks into smaller parts can reduce stress. 6. Stress can be reduced by avoiding routines whenever possible. 7. When undergoing important life changes, stress can be reduced by increasing the number of other changes that are made. 8. Heartbeat can be monitored by biofeedback. 9. Individuals should not try to change their relation to stressors. 10. Sitting comfortably helps to quiet one's internal environment. 11. Autogenic training is an effective technique for relieving vascular
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