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Stress Mgmt Quiz 2 pg5

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SCORING* Assign yourself one point for each of the following responses: Item Answer Item Answer 1 T 11 T 2 F 12 T 3 F 13 F 4 T 14 F 5 T 15 T 6 F 16 F 7 F 17 F 8 T 18 T 9 F 19 T 10 T 20 F INTERPRETATION OF SCORES This scale measures how much you know about how to effectively manage stress. The higher the score, the more you know about effectively managing stress. If you scored lower than 11, you need to learn more about this topic. Perhaps you never heard of autogenic training, or that caffeine can make stress worse, or that physical activity can help you manage stress, but competitive physical activity can actually increase the stress you experience. Maybe you never realized that stress can be reduced by making your life more routine, or that sitting comfortably can help quiet your internal environment, or that delegating authority and responsibility can help alleviate stress. Maybe you never heard of biofeedback, or that focusing on your positive aspects can make you feel less stressful, or that stress can make your muscles tense. Yet, these are all true and, knowing
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