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Stress Mgmt Quiz 3 pg1

Stress Mgmt Quiz 3 pg1 - what he thought to be a hopeless...

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Section III Setting Up Stress Roadblocks: Using Stress Management Techniques Carlos was invited to dinner by Maria, the most gorgeous woman he had ever met. When he arrived at her apartment, Maria told him she was still getting dressed so he should make himself comfortable for a while. Wanting to impress her with his sensitivity and good nature, Carlos played with her dog as he waited. He quickly realized this was no ordinary dog. Fido could field balls thrown to him better than any baseball player he'd ever seen. As he incrementally threw the ball harder and faster, he lost control of it and it bounded off the 20th floor balcony. To Carlos's surprise, there went Fido right after it! When Maria returned dressed and ready for dinner, she asked Carlos how he liked her dog. Almost without hesitation Carlos said, “I don't know about you, but Fido seemed a little depressed to me!” As luck would have it, Fido landed on the awning of Maria's neighbor on the floor below and was returned uninjured. Still, one cannot help but be impressed with Carlos's ingenuity in the face of
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Unformatted text preview: what he thought to be a hopeless situation. As you found out in the previous section of this workbook, there are many ways to cope with stressful occurrences. Would you have been able to manage the stress Carlos experienced? What do you typically do when finding yourself in a stressful situation? It is not enough to know about stress management techniques. You need to employ them to derive their benefits. Do you use effective management techniques often enough? Scale 3.1: How Often Do You Use Techniques That Are Helpful in Managing Stress? There are a number of techniques that have been shown to be effective in managing stress. The following scale measures how often you use such techniques. Listed on the following page are things that people sometimes do to manage stress. Think back over the past month. Place a check ( ✓ ) to show how often, during the past month, you have done each thing. 15 gre06755_ch03.qxd 4/8/05 12:15 PM Page 15...
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