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Stress Mgmt Quiz 3 pg3

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SCORING* Assign the following point values for each response: Regularly 3 Occasionally 2 Rarely 1 Next, add the points and divide by 15. INTERPRETATION OF SCORES This is a scale that measures your use of a variety of stress management techniques. The maximum score obtainable of 3 indicates you frequently use a variety of stress management techniques, a score of 2 indicates you occasionally use stress management techniques, and a score of 1 indicates you rarely use stress management techniques. Any score below 2 means you need to employ methods to manage stress on a more regular basis. As you can see from the checklist itself, there are plenty of things you can do to manage stress better. First and foremost is that you must take care of your health. That means you need to get enough sleep, eat well, refrain from using drugs, and exercise regularly. Do you do these? It also helps to talk about your problems (stressors) with other people whose opinions you trust and with whom you feel comfortable sharing these concerns. Do you have friends or relatives
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