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Section IV Life Situation Intervention: Life Satisfaction So far we have inquired about your typical response to stress, what you know about stress and how to cope with it, and which stress management techniques you typically use. One of the most motivating influences on whether people will employ stress management techniques is how satisfied they are with their lives. Can you imagine anything more stressful than not being satisfied with your existence as it is? Some of you may even know people, or know someone who knows people, who have been so dissatisfied with their lives that they think about or actually attempt suicide. Obviously, this permanent solution is no solution at all. It not only ends the person's life but creates long-lasting distress and unhappiness (to say the least) in the lives of friends and relatives. How satisfied are you with your life? Although you may not be seriously disillusioned,
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Unformatted text preview: perhaps you are dissatisfied enough to begin employing stress management techniques regularly. The scale below will help you make that determination. Scale 4.1: How Satisfied Are You with Your Overall Life? How you feel about the satisfaction you derive from your life affects the degree of stress you experience. This scale measures your general level of satisfaction with your life. Listed on the following page are several factors that might influence your overall life satisfaction. In the Importance column, indicate how important each factor is to you by using the following scale: 1 ± Unimportant 2 ± Somewhat important 3 ± Very important In the Satisfaction column, indicate how satisfied you are with each factor by using the following scale: 1 ± Unsatisfied 2 ± Somewhat satisfied 3 ± Very satisfied 19 gre06755_ch04.qxd 4/11/05 2:00 PM Page 19...
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