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Stress Mgmt Quiz 4 pg03

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In viewing the results of this scale, focus on those aspects of your overall life that you think are most important. Realize that, in fact, you may be making the wrong judgment here. For example, if you rate your physical appearance as more important than your health, you might be tempted to use anabolic steroids to look good. Unfortunately, these drugs can make you look good as a corpse! Short of that, they can make males impotent and encourage the growth of facial hair in females, among other serious and disturbing effects. And yet, unless it is important to you, it is unlikely you will devote the time and energy to work on improving that aspect of your life. Therefore, it makes sense to focus on that which you believe to be important. If you are successful at improving that aspect of your life, you will feel more confident and, as a result, less distressed. In the case that an aspect of your life cannot be improved, there are probably things you can do to be more accepting of it. For example, you may dislike your big nose thinking it takes up about
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