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Stress Mgmt Quiz 4 pg09

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SCORING* Add up your circled responses and divide by 46. INTERPRETATION OF SCORES This scale measures how satisfied you are with various facets of your life. High scores indicate a high degree of satisfaction. If you scored lower than 4.0, you indicated dissatisfaction with various facets of your life. If you scored above 4.0, you indicated satisfaction with many aspects of your life. Look at those items for which you responded with a 3 or less. Those are the facets of your life with which you are particularly dissatisfied. No one of us can be expected to be satisfied with every particular facet of our lives. In interpreting your scores, you probably found some areas of your life about which you feel pleased or delighted and others about which you feel unhappy or terrible. That is quite natural. What is unfortunate is that some people feel stymied by their shortcomings and let them interfere with finding satisfaction and fulfillment. There is always something that can be done to either improve a facet of
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