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Next, identify a supportive person you think can help you to make this change. Then complete this contract: CONTRACT I desire to improve because (your name) . I have (the reason) decided I intend to by (your target behavior) . If I achieve this goal, I will reward myself by . (date) (the reward) (Your signature) (Today's date) (Witness signature) (Today's date) Researchers have found contracts to be very effective in helping people make changes. You, too, can be successful and your life, thereby, more satisfying. Scale 4.3: How Optimistic Are You About Your Future? Feeling satisfied with your life at present is certainly important, but it is also important to maintain a positive outlook on your future in order to be satisfied and happy. Without such an outlook, you may experience a great deal of stress from everyday hassles, as well as extraordinary events, that will be
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Unformatted text preview: extremely stressful and unmanageable. Optimism will go a long way to help you cope with the stress of your life. Feeling positive about what the future holds can provide you with protection against the harmful effects of stress. It is vital to believe that although things may not be as you desire today, they can be better in the future. In this way, there will always be hope. The Life Satisfaction Inventory you completed earlier sought to determine how satisfied with your life you are at present. The How Will You Feel? scale presented on the following pages, although similar to the Life Satisfaction Inventory, measures your outlook (your optimism) by asking you to guess at the life satisfaction you will experience in the short term (one year) and in the long term (10 years). 28 gre06755_ch04.qxd 4/11/05 2:00 PM Page 28...
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