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ACTIVITY: PLANNING FOR HEALTHY EATING There are several steps you can take if you desire to adopt a healthy diet. These steps are outlined below: Step 1: Inspect the foods you now have. For each packaged item, identify those foods that are unhealthy; for example, those too high in saturated fat, or that have too much sodium, or that are too high in calories. Once identified, these foods should be discarded. You can simply place them in the trash or, alternatively, donate them to a food pantry or homeless shelter. Step 2: Plan a weekly menu that represents the recommended amount of calories, protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Use the food pyramid guide as a reference for preparing the weekly menu. For guidance to make your diet specific to your culture, ethnicity, race, or food preferences, consult the sources below. Food Guide Pyramid with a Mexican Flavor. University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources. (800) 994-8849.
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